Auction Catalog or Order of Auction:
The majority of the auctions by Matthews Auctions will be cataloged. This means that the items being sold in the auction will be sold in numbered order starting with number one. Each of the items will have a description and a photograph. Every description will have a title, size & condition of each item. The catalogs will be available for viewing on our website at least one month, and in most cases longer, before the auction date. Most of our auctions will also have a printed catalog that can be purchased from our office or at the auction site. Prices of these catalogs will vary from auction to auction.

Different Ways to Bid at Our Auctions:

  • Onsite, be there in person
  • Phone Bids (maximum of five bids)
  • Absentee Bids placed prior to auction day (unlimited bids)
  • Live on-live bidding via

Registration & Inspection before Auction:
Please arrive at least 40-60 minutes before the auction! We want you to have plenty of time to register and inspect the items you wish to bid on.

Before you can bid at the auction, you will have to register with the cashiers. You will need a valid driver’s license or a state issued photo ID. If you are planning on spending over $10,000, you will need to call our office prior to the auction to see if you need a bank letter of credit. After you have given your information to the cashiers, they will issue you a paddle number.

Do not loose your paddle number! You are responsible for items purchased on your number. After registration, you should inspect the items you wish to bid on. We make every attempt while cataloging items to describe everything we know about the item, but it is your responsibility to inspect items before you bid.

At the end of Auction
All items which customers have purchased at the auction will be held in a safe place for security. When you are done bidding at the auction, you can go back to the cashiers table and pay for the items that you have purchased. After payment the cashiers will print two invoices of paid items. You will receive both invoices – one for your records, and the second one to be given to one of the Matthews Auctions representatives, they will then bring your purchased items to you. Our representatives will also keep another copy of your invoices for our records.

If you are on-site for the auction and want your items shipped, you will need to tell the cashiers when you check out. You will need to give us a credit card number to pay for the shipping.

If you are an absentee, phone or internet bidder your items will be shipped to you and shipping will charged to your credit card. If you do not want your items shipped you can pick them up at our shipping department but you have to let us know prior to the auction or on the next business day after the auction.