One of the first questions a seller should ask themselves before selling their collection or even a few prized possessions is “Am I ready to sell?” I always tell my sellers that “when it’s gone it’s gone”. Once you make a decision to sell it is important to choose an auction company that can do the job right for you. You only get one shot at an auction, and it has to be the best. Our company has the experience, product knowledge & ability to promote and sell your items at auction.

First Contact:
After your first contact with us, there will be a Matthews Auctions representative that will spend some time with you on the phone. We will ask you to describe your collection or items to us so that we can evaluate how we can best help you. We will take the time to discuss why you should sell at auction and how the auction process works. We will also discuss any concerns and answer any questions you may have about having an auction.

Next Step:
Once you make a decision to use Matthews Auctions for your Auction, we will set up a time that is convenient for you to have us come to your place. At that time we will do what we do best! We will inventory, photograph, describe, and catalog each of the items to be sold. These items will then be put on our website and also published in a color catalog. We do this to promote your Auction to our buyers and to create “excitement” about your possessions prior to auction day. Our catalogs and our reputation let buyers know that when they arrive at the auction everything will be as was described. “A happy buyer buys more items.”

We will keep you, the seller, informed on every step of your Auction so that you will know what to expect on auction day.

We will advertise your auction to a world wide audience though the internet and to our list of proven buyers. We also have booths at several national and region trade shows to promote your Auction. Buyers know us and we know our buyers.

Auction Day:
Our goal for your Auction day is to have everything go as smoothly as possible. It starts with our friendly staff greeting buyers as they enter the auction site. Our Auctioneers and Ring men will be there helping buyers with any questions they might have. Before the auction begins we will introduce you, the seller, and welcome everyone to the event. We will also introduce our auction staff, so that everyone will know who is responsible for the different aspects of the auction, and to let the buyers know if they have any questions or need assistance our people are there to help. We want you to feel relaxed and secure and to enjoy your day! A stress free event is our goal for both buyers and sellers.

After Auction:
At the end of the auction, our staff will be taking payments and helping the buyers secure their purchases as well as assist in loading any larger items. Our goal is to serve every buyer, so they will feel comfortable before, during, and after the auction. Our auction software makes the auction run easily and makes the checkout process go quickly and smoothly for everyone.

One of the most common questions from sellers is, “Do I have to ship the items that were purchased on the Internet?” The answer is “NO.” We take care of shipping all internet, absentee & phone-bidders items after the auction.
We understand that the Auction of your collection is a BIG event for you and your family. We will take care of everything - step by step after your first contact with us!!!