An Appraisal is a legal document, and it is as important as a Will. An Appraisal is the best way to accurately describe and value Property.

Dan has earned the title of Graduate Personal Property Appraiser (GPPA), a designation offered by the Auction Marketing Institute. Less than 200 auctioneers throughout the United Sates have qualified for this prestigious designation! To receive the GPPA designation, one must successfully complete a two-part educational program - including examinations, submission of an acceptable appraisal, and experiential requirements. Maintaining the designation requires 24 hours of continuing education courses every 3 years. Contact Dan for any of your Appraisal needs.

A properly prepared appraisal will clarify questions of property value in any circumstance. We do two types of Appraisals depending on the Individuals needs.

The first is what we call a “Walk through Auction Estimate” and this is done for a flat fee plus travel expenses, if any. We will evaluate your collection and let you know what you could expect to get for your items at Auction.

The second type is a complete Appraisal, listing every item and its value. This is done for Insurance purposes or to establish fair market value. This is done at an hourly rate with a minimum $150 charge plus travel expenses.

1. A complete Appraisal will include the following:
2. A detailed description of the property being valued.
3. An analysis of the appropriate marketplace.
4. Date of valuation and inspection report.
5. The type of value being determined.
6. Adherence to a professional code of ethics.
7. Statement of financial disinterest and fee policy.
8. Appraisal certificate and signature.

The following are just some of the Personal Property items that we, at Mathews Auctions, are qualified to appraise.

  • Any Petroliana items including Signs, Gas Pump Globes, Gas Pumps, Cans, etc.
  • Vintage Automobiles
  • Automobilia including dealership signs and literature
  • Country Store, Coca Cola and other Soda items
  • Memorabilia including old advertising signs and autographs
  • Coins and stamps (individual items and collections)
  • Slot machines and jukeboxes
  • Furniture
  • Sterling silver and china
  • Pottery (Rookwood, Weller, Marblehead, Grueby...others)
  • Rare and unusual lamps (Pairpoint, Handel, Tiffany)
  • Persian Rugs, Oriental Rugs, American Quills, and all related to this department
  • Fine Art including all European and American paintings; prints; pictures; lithographs
  • Decorative Arts including bronzes and unusual sculpture

The descriptions and values made by a qualified appraiser assure technical accuracy and appropriate market level evaluation. There are many purposes and uses for an appraisal. The two most common reasons are –

Insurance: To prove irrefutable possession at the time of evaluation, provide needed protection at the time of a loss, and assist in establishing proper insurance coverage. Estates and Estate Planning: To clarify questions of property value, facilitate the disposition of estate tax reporting requirements, assist heirs with distribution of the estate, assist financial planners and related professionals in establishing client net worth, and be used as a basis for judicious estate planning.