Gun collecting and target shooting is a fun and growing hobby. We have a wide knowledge and appreciation of the gun hobby. We can quickly identify your guns and market them to the collectors who want them.

We can offer you a high quality of service when you are ready to sell your guns and any related items. Typically our gun auctions are held at a location near a major interstate, so that it is easy for collectors from around the country to get to our event. We work with gun dealers / distributors to take care of the paperwork and get your items delivered to you in a timely fashion if you are an on-line bidder. All guns will be shipped to your local dealer, and you can pick them up at his location. Do not forget to bring your foil card, and check the expiration date on it!

If you want to consign your collection of guns or related items, or if you have any questions related to this, please contact our auction manager: All of our gun auctions are cataloged